Team Talk Tuesday: Meet Becky

It’s Sophie here as this weeks team talk is all about our Manager Becky. She started working at Clifford Burr Bridal at the age of 16 as a Saturday girl, after completing her degree and spending a couple of years as a Ski instructor in Switzerland. Becky came back full time and now manages our team and helps lots of our CB Brides find their dream dresses. Becky is a fountain of information, our brides are very lucky to have her advice and knowledge and we are equally as lucky to have her as a lovely boss!

1) What is your favourite dress in the store? 

“I have a soft spot for our Fox Bridal gown Becky in the blush colour (not just because of the name) but I also love the tea gowns from Mooshki; my favourite has to be Claire as I love the polka dots!”

2) What is the best wedding you have ever been too?

“I have had a lovely time at all of my friends weddings and there has been some great ones; I met my boyfriend at a wedding which was amazing. For me though getting to watch my Mum and Dad renew their wedding vows was lovely, it was just them, me and my brothers but it was a really special day.”

3) What is your favourite part of the job?

“No two days are the same and I love that and it makes me excited to wake up and go to work in the morning. I also love making people happy, getting to help someone find their dream dress or accessories and seeing the smile on their face makes everything worthwhile. I love my job so much I sometimes struggle to leave it at the end of the day.”

4) What do you enjoy doing when you are not at CB?

“It’s a cliche but I do love spending time with my friends, family and boyfriend. Combine that with having a nice cold drink in a beer garden and a natter and I’m a happy girl. I go to the gym and do enjoy it but my favourite sport is Skiing so when I get the chance I will always try and get out to the slopes at least once a year; I used to be an instructor so its something that is close to my heart.”

5) What is your favourite drink?

“It has to be a cool and refreshing gin and tonic. Perfect on a warm evening like this.”

6) Who would your dream groom be?

“I do love my boyfriend but dream groom for me would have to be Ricky Wilson.”